We present you a video with the opening of Carat Hotel

Ladies and gentlemen! We present you an overview of the opening of hotel and restaurant complex Carat! We have tried to transfer all of the most vivid emotions and paint our holiday. We are waiting for you around the 24 hours at the address. Novorossiysk 3/2.

Invitation to the business brunch "ЮИКЦ-Finam"

Friends, colleagues and partners! Invitation to the business brunch "ЮИКЦ-Finam", which will be held December 22, 2015 at 11 am, at Krasnodar, ul. Novorossiysk 3/2, restaurant "Carat Hotel". Pre-registration is required! Contact for registration: phone: 8(918)366-52-19; e-mail: full version of the invitation

New Year's at Carat Restaurant

Few people know, but the coming year in Russia declared the "Year of Cinema". We invite all to celebrate New Year in the Carat Restaurant at a party in the style of Lumier or black-and-white cinematography! You expect rivers of champagne, gifts mountains and the sea of emotions. Help us in this: the agency pyroxene, Geometry and inimitable AAABRACADABRAAA !!! We have not a fairy tale, We have a movie.

News about “Morkovka”

We recommend you dietary program “Morkovka” from the Carat restaurant. Now you shouldn’t think where to have lunch or dinner, or how to order some food at home and to waste your time on it. We select one of the programs: Weight reduction, Weight gain, Active day, balanced nutrition, Sport nutrition. Also we make a schedule of the diet and deliver it at any time: home or to the office.

The new start is done.

A long-expected opening of the new hotel-restaurant complex CARAT took place in Krasnodar! The fiery emcee of the evening was showman-Samir Azaryan and charming –Anna Ambartsumyan, who also is the director of the complex.

The interesting program full of competitions, surprises and presents was for the guests. Violin virtuoso-Samvel Ayrapetyan and incomparable jazz singer –Albina Avedisova provide music background. The salad competition won the guest, who made the salad called “Satin”. This salad will be in the menu of the restaurant Carat by the decision of the Chef.

Master class of cooking “Olivier” salad was performed by the Chef of the restaurant Carat. This is the best salad in the town as it’s cooked like all dishes in the restaurant with the secret ingredients-love.

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