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We are located in the center of the town.
10-20 minutes you can see sights:
airport " Pashkovskiy"
- The international airport of Krasnodar. Located a 20-minute drive from Hotel Carat. Included in the aviation holding "Basel Aero". It is the largest airport Southern Russia takes 7th place in passenger traffic amongst Russian airports.
Football Arena "Kuban"
- Multi-Purpose Stadium, home to football club "Kuban" and "Krasnodar". Located 5 minutes from the Hotel Carat. The capacity of the stadium is 35 200 spectators. There are events Premier League football, Europa League football teams.
Railway station "Krasnodar 1", "Krasnodar 2"
Both long-distance station is equally close to the Hotel Carat, a 15-minute drive away. These stations reported from the city of Krasnodar, such as: Moscow, St. Petersburg, Rostov, Stavropol, Sochi and other Russian cities.
City center
Historic district of the city. Journey to the center of the city of Krasnodar Hotel Carat only takes 15. In the center you can enjoy the architecture: Ekaterinsky Square, Arc de Triomphe, "Singing in the dramatic theater, a cinema" Aurora "and another cascade of fountains.